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Stan Bush - Northside Eagles Class of 1973Hi, I'm Stan Bush and I am the original purchaser of this domain. It was purchased in 2001, along with many other school domains in Middle Georgia. I purchased them to protect them.

At the time of their purchase there was a trend called "Domain Squatting". This was the practice of purchasing domains, and putting something unrelated on them. Sometimes it was porn. Sometimes it was a competitor. Competitors would use them in attempts to steal customers. For example "" might be purchased by Mike, who owned "". When someone searched for "Joe's Garage" and clicked on the link, they would be redirected to "". So I decided to purchase domains that meant something to my community, in order to protect them from things like that.

What Do I Do

I am in the IT business. help people create sustainable communities. I enjoy helping people connect, both online and off. My methods are common sense and my results are easily measured.

Generally I post specific articles to pages, circles, and communities that I manage, or are a part of. I don't hate cats, nor the people who love them. But I very rarely follow, share, or comment on pictures of them.

If I have to share your post to prove I love Jesus, America, mom, dad, sister, brother, wife, daughter, or that I'm reading your posts you may be disappointed with me. I simply don't do a lot of that.

I'm interested in helping people build sustainable communities. Non device, operating system, or application dependent homes on the web. Safe havens.

I read the profiles of everyone I follow.

If you invite me to a group about any subject, and the only thing I see are posts about things you're trying to sell. I probably won't join. I wish you all the luck in the world, but it's not for me. If you invite me to a group where I can't read anything, I probably won't join that either.

Just because you can Google expert, doesn't mean you are one.

I fix broken things. Networks, relationships, or business plans included.

When everything's on fire, I'm the guy to hire.


Everything I know I learned by doing.